The folks over at FreeRepublic have reported that at one of their pro-troops vigils in front of Walter Reed Army Hospital, a union member told them that he was ordered by his union to attend the nearby anti-war protest.

WASHINGTON, DC, September 28, 2007— The DC Chapter has suspected all along that the dwindling handful of anti-war protestors outside Walter Reed are paid to show up. This week, one of their newbies came by our troop-support rally at the gates by mistake, and spilled the truth: a labor union had recruited this worker to show up at the lefties’ phony “vigil.” The worker’s remarks clearly revealed that standing outside the Walter Reed Army Medical Center with anti-war signs wasn’t a personal choice, but a workplace commitment demanded by a union representative.

Our rally must have looked a lot more attractive, even at a glance—in fact, that’s what this unionized worker said. I’m going to avoid describing this person’s looks or gender, to avoid making trouble. Why? Because this office worker’s confusion appeared sincere, revealing that the decision to be there wasn’t intentional; in fact, the person didn’t really seem to know what either demonstration was about.

The fellow that the Freepers spoke to was a member of the O.P.E.I.U., the Office and Professional Employees International Union, Local no. 2.

So, why, exactly, is a union forcing their members to attend anti-war rallies?

Is that truly union business?

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