Employees Reject Union…. Union Still Claims Representation

OK, you guys out there, have you ever been dumped by a girl? Once she told you in no uncertain terms that it was over, did you still walk around claiming you two were an item? How about this, when was the last time a politician lost his election yet stayed in Congress anyway? Was there ever a president who lost his election but stayed in the White House?

I ask this because we have seen unions that are voted out of their position as representatives of a given group of workers yet these same unions still stomp around on picket lines and still harangue business owners and management claiming they still represent the very same worker who have told them to take a hike.

Well, it’s happened again. The packaging workers at the San Diego Union-Tribune decertified the union by a majority vote. Yet, the Teamsters is still accosting the management of the paper with demands for “their” workers… the very same employees who voted the union OUT of their hair.

Here is the Union-Tribune’s report:

Packaging workers at The San Diego Union-Tribune who have been trying to negotiate a union contract for the last two and a half years protested Tuesday outside the newspaper’s Mission Valley offices and demanded that management return to the bargaining table.

However, Pat Marrinan, the paper’s manager of labor relations, said contract issues are moot because the company withdrew its recognition of the union Monday after receiving a decertification petition signed by a majority of workers in the department.

Union officials said they plan to challenge the petition by filing an unfair labor practice complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.

So, now put yourself in that mythical girlfriend’s shoes. Have you ever told a girlfriend it’s over yet she still hangs around you, turning up on every corner whether you want her or not?

The police would call that stalking.

Unions call it “representation.”

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