Hundreds gathered in London on Saturday to break the world record for largest underwater dinner party. The Underwater Dinner Party featured food from a space agency, formal wear from top UK designers, and a guest list studded with celebrities. The event also raised over £200,000 for six charities, including the British Heart Foundation and Save the Children.

The gathering seated nearly 500 diners over 20 different underwater dining sessions. An elaborate dining room was set in the 25 meter outdoor swimming pool at West London’s The Park Club. The meal consisted of three courses, all of which were condensed into single mouthfuls of food similar to what NASA provides its astronauts.

The International Space School helped event organizers find a way to prepare the dishes, which included delicacies like smoked salmon, for underwater delivery. The food was coated in waterproof jelly to prevent it from breaking down in the water. Master divers from The London School of Diving taught diners how to use an aqua lung and how to intersperse underwater breathing with underwater eating.

The Underwater Dinner Party follows a previous underwater dining event held in 1991, which was attended by 100 diners. The Guinness Book of Records is reviewing Saturday’s event to confirm it now holds the world record. The standard for unusual dining events for both world records and fund raising was set in 1989 by the Social Climbers, including the great-great grandson of Charles Darwin. They held the world’s highest formal dinner party at an elevation of 22,604 feet and raised over £10,000 for charity. Members of the Social Climbers were involved in the creation of Saturday’s Underwater Dinner Party event.

Manchester Evening News: Underwater Dinner Party Record
The Underwater Dinner Party

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