Before you watch a new movie, you may turn to the internet to find out what others have to say about it first. No one wants to waste their time on a poor quality film. When you read movie reviews, however, you may wonder how these opinions originate. Everyone has different tastes in movies, so it’s difficult to know what to believe. Each type of movie critic looks for something different. You may find the most helpful information from people or groups you have commonalities with.

Bloggers and Social Media

You may have favorite bloggers or social media influencers that you follow. These types of people may give honest personal opinions of movies they see. Most people follow people on social media because they like their personalities or presentation style. You may also have similar tastes or values. You may enjoy the movies that get good reviews from these individuals because you have similar ideas.

Mainstream Review Sites

You can find plenty of mainstream review sites online. One of the most well-known movie critic sites remains Rotten Tomatoes. This site uses ratings from up to 400 movie critics to score each movie. The critics must have a background associated with a writers guild or film-critic group. Many critics double as journalists. The reviews from all the critics get separated into the “fresh” or “rotten” categories to get the final result. Top critics on the site have separate sections that also list their explanation for their vote.


Film critics may spend time studying the art of film. This may give them an academic approach to certain aspects of the film. You often need to look at the source of the review to find out what type of opinion it may be. Academic critics may have a set of characteristics they look at while reviewing a movie. These reviews may consist of interesting information about theatrical presentation with details about special effects, plot and actor’s performances. You can enjoy your favorite movies and reviews on an affordable computer using Alienware promo codes


Writers of different backgrounds may present reviews for well-known publications. If a newspaper or magazine has a movie review section, a specific writer may hold the responsibility for this section. This could be a critic with an academic background in theater, or a multi-purpose writer that fell into the position. These reviews may consist of both opinions and facts about the quality of the movie.

When you look through movie reviews, you may find out some interesting information about a production. You should, however, consider the source to understand the results better. The results often depend on the type of person and the publication. Personal opinions also come into play. The only way to find out if you truly like a movie, is to watch it yourself. Reviews can be helpful, however, everyone has different theatrical preferences. In the end, movie productions are a type of art form, and one can rarely put a valid judgment on the creative process. Even a movie with poor reviews may hold value to some viewers.

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