You can’t deny that the workout culture is on the rise. Backed by trending healthy diets, it seems as if everybody is a sports freak nowadays. If you are a friend of such a person, then you know how hard it is to pick a good sports-related present.

There are just too many items to choose from. Moreover, you may not even know whether your sports fanatic friend needs half of those things at all. Do not fret, as we have compiled a list of great gift ideas that are not that commonly spread. These gifts will empower and inspire your fitness friend to achieve even better sports results.

Portable Grill

Yes, you have read it correctly. Although portable grills are commonly associated with tons of junk food and generally unhealthy diets, with correct intentions, such a device becomes a must-have tool. With a portable grill, one can keep up a very healthy diet and cook food very quickly.

The thing about working out is that it takes up valuable time. If your friend spends an hour and a half in the gym, then, that is exactly one hour and a half taken out of any other activity like, for example, cooking. A portable grill will allow your mate to prepare a tasty and healthy meal quickly.


Spiralizer is another great fitness gift that will help your friend immensely in keeping their diet healthy. Do you have no idea what a spiralizer is? It is a gadget designed to create spiralized vegetable noodles. With it, one can add tons of nutrients to any meal in a fun and exciting way.

You can put almost anything on this device. Zucchini, tomatoes, reddish, pepper, anything you name – the spiralizer will deal with it. Another lovely bonus of such devices is that they significantly reduce the time spent in the kitchen cutting up the vegetables.

Also, gifting a spiralizer is a great option if your fitness-oriented friend follows either a gluten-free or grain-free diet. Vegetable noodles will be quite a delectable meal that can replace a bland pasta.

Meal Planner

Another wonderful gift option for a fitness-obsessed person is an annual subscription to one of the meal planning smartphone apps. Meal planning is essential for tracking the progress of the state of your body.

However, there is a big but, as doing the meal planning and following it can be very tiresome. It takes a lot of thinking and deliberating, as well as self-control and discipline because you not only have to think up a plan but also keep up with it.

A subscription to an app may seem like a trite gift, but if your friend has long-term sports goals, they will thank you after realizing how much time and effort such an app alleviates. This gift will help your friend to kick their weight loss and muscle gain, and the results will be easy to spot within such an app, too.

Comfortable Sneakers

Great training shoes go a long way to contributing to a safe and productive workout. Having the wrong footwear does not only result in less efficient workouts and lots of discomforts but can also lead to major injuries. Twisted ankles are not something that you want to get out of training.

Many fitness trainers agree that picking the correct shoes for fitness is just as important as doing all the exercises correctly. So, there really can’t be such a thing as too good shoes, as seen on Harvard Health.

Sports boots tend to deteriorate very rapidly, even under good care, because such shoes are basically working footwear. Many disregard this train of thought and dismiss gifting comfortable pro-level sneakers, but do not make such a mistake, and take care of your friend’s feet. Just make sure that you get their size correctly.

Pain Relief Insoles

This gift idea is very similar to the previous one, but it is a pretty budget option. Although pain relief insoles are a pocket-friendly present, this fact does not mean that this gift will be a bad one. Nowadays, insoles are incredibly common in the athletics world.

The thing is that even with expensive sports shoes, you still may not get the best level of comfort and the right anatomical fit that your daily sports activity requires. Thus, the pain-relieving insoles were specifically designed to tackle this problem.

Gone are the times when wearing insoles was connected to numerous stereotypes like having a complex of low height or having extreme feet conditions. Now, insoles are vital pieces for taking care of your body during training, according to the BBC.

Additionally, the biggest plus of the insoles is that you can’t go wrong with them as a gift. Everyone buys the same items (except for the varying size), and they adapt to each wearer’s feet. Special insoles can relieve pain from existing injuries and prevent the development of new ones.

Sport Socks

Athletic socks are yet other underrated items that people need to pay attention to when choosing a gift. You may think that socks have only the task of protecting your feet from friction, but this aspect widens up when we dig deeper into detail.

For anybody doing tons of running, playing basketball, soccer, cheerleading, and dancing, high-quality socks help to protect the feet from the extreme amounts of pressure and impact. Good socks absorb significant amounts of shock from running and jumping.

Also, sports socks empower athletes to hold out better on long training routines because the feet do not get tired that quickly. So, if you want to boost the performance of your friend, the athletic socks are the choice for you. Besides, white sport socks trend is back, so get your mate a crystal-white pair. Personally, I really like these black and white socks from NoColdFeet. They’re super comfortable and they never rolled down my ankles when I go for a quick run.

Shower Shoes

Shower shoes are essential items to take with you if one goes to the gym. After a good workout, it is natural to produce tons of sweat, and athletes need to take a shower. There are two significant dangers when it comes to gym bathrooms, namely the slippery floor and the presence of bacteria on it.

Shower shoes offer great protection from both of these things and can keep your friend safe. As seen on GiftWits, here are the best shower shoes you can find on the market.

A Gift to Ignite Your Friend’s Fitness Passion

Whatever gift you end up choosing for your fitness-obsessed friend, it is crucial to consider their passion for the sports activity in the first place. Any item from the list is sure to make your mate happy and add to their dedication to fitness.

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