Guatemala Leads Venezuela in U.N. Vote

Well, that is a good thing; I don’t think anyone could have kept a straight face for another one of Hugo Chavez’ speeches at the UN, although apparently most of Venezuela manages. It must take an absolutely heroic effort.

Although I confess to loosing it this line in the story: “The U.S. and its allies argued that Venezuela’s stance could stymie the council and undermine its credibility.”
Snort…. “Stymie the council….” giggle…. “and undermine….” hahahahah… “it’s credibility….” BWAAAHHAAHHAAA!!!

Sorry there, got carried away by an uncontrollable fit of laughter. Over the last ten or fifteen years or so, after Bosnia and Rwanda, and Oil for Palaces… sorry, Oil for Food… and demonstrating a truly mind-boggling capacity for incompetence and corruption, I’m amazed that the delegates aren’t attending with bags over their heads to hide their own identities. Why anyone would want to be a part of an organization so feckless and counterproductive is beyond me.

So, wouldn’t it be hilarious to come up with a compromise candidate for the two-year term on the Security Council… say Iraq… or Israel? Neither of which would stand a chance, but the resulting ruckus would be fun to watch.

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