Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) has announced that it will be re-releasing Melissa Etheridge’s CD “Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled” on March 13th in special eco-friendly packaging. In what the company claims will be a first for the music industry, the CD will come in a package that has a sleeve and tray that are completely paper-recyclable.

According to a press release issued by the company, UMe is the first North American music company to replace plastic jewel cases with recycled paperboard sleeves. Jewel cases are difficult to recycle. UMe will also substitute the plastic tray that holds the CD with a tray made from PaperFoam®. PaperFoam® is produced by Shorewood Packaging, a business of International Paper, and is said to be paper-recyclable and biodegradable. Shorewood Packaging is the first North American packaging supplier to produce disc trays from PaperFoam®.

“Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled” was originally released on Oct. 4, 2005. The songlist includes “Come To My Window,” “I Want To Come Over,” and “Bring Me Some Water,” which were part of the original release. Four newer recordings will also be on the disc: Tom Petty’s “Refugee”; a reprise of “Piece Of My Heart,” “This Is Not Goodbye,” and “I Run for Life”.

In keeping with the eco-friendly message sent by the packaging, this release will also be an enhanced CD that includes the track and video of the Grammy® and Oscar® nominated song “I Need To Wake Up” from Al Gore’s documentary about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth.

Source: Universal Music Enterprises

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