Without the right beard care products, growing your beard can be very challenging, unless you were blessed by the Beard Gods. The reason it can be difficult is because the fullness and strength of a man’s beard is directly related to two things, genetics and products.  Although cutting and trimming your beard will help in shaping and grooming your beard according to however you want to tailor it,  there are beard care products out there that can increase growth rate as well as enhance the health of your beard and the skin beneath it. Using these products will enable you to have a thicker, prestigious, and fuller looking beard that will definitely command attention everywhere you go.  Women will be attracted, men will be envious.

Beard Care Products

Here are some of the most important beard care products that are essential for you to be able to style, grow and maintain a healthy, fuller beard:

#1. Beard Balm

Beard balm is a product that is meant to be a type of beard conditioner. The current market has different types of beard balms with each having and offering unique characteristics. For instance, a beard balm can be made of beeswax (like the one pictured below). This is a great option for men that need extra beard styling because it is a very firm substance which can help you mold your beard into various styles and shapes, given that the beard is long enough.Beard BalmAnother option is lanolin- or butter-based beard balm. Such balm is ideal and used as a beard conditioner. It is heavier and used more often for taming the types of beards that tend to have hair-stragglers that don’t sit in place after styling. On the other hand, butter-based beard balms are creamier. Beard balm is generally an essential beard care product because it aids in the beard styling process and keeps it looking fresh and well groomed.  One could compare it to an ultra-light-hold hair styling gel… made of a creamy butter. Trust me, it smells way better than it sounds.  Most are scented!

#2. Beard Oil

For some men, beard oil might be a better fit but please note, it is not a styling product. Beard oils are considered more of a nourishing product that keeps the skin and beard looking radiantly healthy.Beard OilBeard oil is basically a unique blend of different oils that include argan, jojoba and almond oils. Some beard oil brands have essentials like tea tree and cedar wood oil. These oils are essential beard care product because it helps in nourishing your beard while moisturizing the skin underneath. When you use beard oil properly, your facial hair and skin beneath look and feel much healthier.


#3. Mustache Wax

Mustache wax is an important “beard” styling product that usually comes in various manly scented aromas. The reason I quoted “beard” in the previous sentence is because a mustache is not a beard per say, but it is the roof to a home, the top hat to a tux, and what better way to showcase the importance of a mustache other than the exquisitely styled, luxurious Van Dyke Beard.  The picture below depicts four different colors of mustache waxes, why you ask? This is offered to match all the different colors of the mustache that men tend to grow. The idea (a great one at that) is to accommodate black, red, brown, and blonde facial hair.Mustache WaxIt’s important to note that mustache wax does not have conditioning properties. Nevertheless, it is an essential beard product for wild upper lip hairs that don’t like to behave. A generous application of mustache wax makes controlling and shaping mustaches way easier.


#4. Beard growth supplements

If you are a man that wants to grow a Zeus-thick beard or you simply want to win the “No Shave November” challenge against your buddies, you should probably consider beard growth supplements. Beard supplements contain vitamins and essential nutrients to help your beard grow faster and healthier.  These supplements usually are filled with vitamin D, Beta Carotene, folic acid, vitamin B 12, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc and biotin which will aid in the enhancement and growth of your facial hair (skin as well). Generally, these supplements speed up the natural growth process for beards when combined with other essential beard care products but nevertheless, it is always recommended to speak to your physician before taking any over-the-counter or over-the-web supplements to make sure it is safe.


#.5 Beard combs

We’ve talked about products, creams, waxes, balms, vitamins… but we’ve saved the best for last (and perhaps the coolest). Introducing… the beard comb.  I know what your thinking… what’s the difference between a regular hair comb and a beard comb?  A beard comb will do a much better job in grooming as well as styling your beard, especially a wooden beard comb. A comb that is made of wood will actually absorb your natural oils and even more so if you comb your beard after applying any type of beard oil.Beard CombSometimes, beard combs can be confused beard brushes.  A beard brush is usually made from boar bristles with a heavier feel to it.  This type of beard grooming tool will smooth out your beard not only better but WAY MORE easily than an ordinary hair brush. Ideally, if you are going to purchase a beard comb, go for a wide-tooth style comb.  This is recommended because combs with finer teeth similar to the ones that people tend to brush the hair on their head with, are likely to snag and actually pull a couple beard hairs right off of your face. This usually causes facial irritation and a ton of emotional discomfort because a patchy beard is never smiled upon (unless someone makes a pun and calls you, “Patchy the Beardless Pirate”).

Additionally, try to choose a comb that offers high-quality components and materials. The ends of the teeth on the comb should either be polished or rounded off.  This will allow for an easy glide across and through your facial hair.

To maintain a great-looking, healthy beard, you may want to consider a few or all of these essential beard care products. They will enable your beard to grow faster and healthier while also enabling you to keep it shaped, groomed, and styled. Therefore, choose your beard products wisely in order to grow a healthy, vibrant, glorious beard without experiencing any discomfort.



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