A woman from the UK who reportedly lost her husband to the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma is now seeking compensation as a result of the incident. The widow has started legal proceedings with the aim of getting a compensation payout following the death of her husband, allegedly from exposure to asbestos.

Asbestos is a potentially deadly substance which can cause a range of health problems including a form of deadly cancer known as mesothelioma through long term or high level exposure. The widow claims that her late husband came into contact with asbestos on a regular basis whilst at work.

The deceased worked as a porter as Aston University, where he carried out duties that involved regularly going into a boiler house. His widow claims that it was here that he was exposed to the asbestos and this is what ended up taking his life.

She stated: “After being diagnosed with mesothelioma in June 2007, Jim’s condition continued to worsen. During his last few months, Jim really suffered and deteriorated quickly.”

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