A woman from the UK whose husband died from the asbestos cancer known as mesothelioma is hoping to raise awareness about the cancer and the other dangers of asbestos exposure. Fifty nine year old Elaine Haskins was widowed in 2005 after her sixty six year old husband died from the cancer.

Mrs Haskins is now hoping that more people will take not of the new campaign that has been launched by the Health and Safety Executive in the UK, which is called the Hidden Killer campaign. It is hoped that this will help those that are in trades that pose a high risk of exposure to asbestos.

Speaking of her loss Mrs Haskins said: “The hurt, pain and anger is still there. My husband should never have died. All these men and woman have died due to a disease they should never have contracted. I wanted justice for my husband, and I was very, very lucky to receive compensation. But it was a hollow victory. I just wanted someone out there to take responsibility.”

She also spoke of the cancer, stating: “It’s very aggressive, painful and hard to manage. Once it’s been diagnosed it has been there too long, and it’s too late.”

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