According to a recent report a UK woman who died from asbestos related disease used to play in asbestos ashes as a child. An inquest heard that the woman used to play in the ashes like they were snow after a fire at a building that contained asbestos when she was a child.

The blaze occurred at a Ministry of Defence building near her home in 1983, when she was still a child. The woman, thirty one year old Ellen Paddock, had believed that she contracted asbestos related cancer as a result of this, and her father said that she used to get ashes in her mouth.

Ms Paddock had started legal proceedings against the Ministry of Defence, according to reports, and an inquest heard from a consultant pathologist that the chances of her contracting the cancer without the presence of asbestos were a million to one.

According to fire officers the ashes were scattered over a fifteen mile radius in the Telford area where Paddock lived. However, another official said that while Paddock’s cancer could have been caused by the ashes from the fire, it could also have been caused through secondary exposure because her father used to work with brake pads, which also contain asbestos.

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