A fifty eight year old woman from Birmingham in the UK is thought to have contracted the asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma, as a result of hugging her father as a child and being exposed to asbestos fibers and dust from his work clothing and skin.

The woman, Judith Tomlinson, is thought to have suffered secondary exposure to the deadly substance as a result of hugging her father when he came home from work. He worked with asbestos at the former Mason McCabe plant in the area.

Judith stated in a recent interview: “My father would turn in his grave if he knew he may be responsible for giving me this cancer. I look at the happy picture of him giving me away at my wedding and think it’s terrible that he may be to blame for this cancer, but it’s his company’s fault, not his.”

She added: “Dad was always dusty from work and would come in and sit, and have a rest and a cup of tea before having a bath. I was daddy’s girl as I was just like him, so when he got in from work, I wanted to be around him. I helped my mother with the chores, which included putting my dad’s work clothes in our old-fashioned twin tub washing machine. They were so filthy that they had to go through a wash on their own.”

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