A widow from the UK who lost her husband to the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma is now launching a bid for compensation over the death of her husband. Ann Sharpe was married to her husband, George, for forty five years. He died in November last year, just months after being diagnosed with the illness.

George Sharpe, who was sixty seven years old when he died, was treated at Guy’s Hospital in London after he was diagnosed with the cancer. The granddad is said to have worked as a labourer at a number of different building sites during his career, and it is claimed that this is how he was exposed to the deadly asbestos.

Whilst the inquest has yet to be held next week into the death of Mr Sharpe, it is widely expected that the cause of death will be confirmed as exposure to asbestos. This deadly substance was used in many buildings until the 1980s, and many people were exposed to it through their work.

His widow stated: “He didn’t know working with asbestos was deadly – why would he? He always had a dry cough but we didn’t think anything of it. He took some cough medicine and got on with it. He went to Guy’s for a biopsy in June 2008, and he was told he had mesothelioma. I had never heard of it before but soon learnt about it.”

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