A widow whose husband died from the asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma, has won the fight to keep the compensation that she was previously awarded by the courts. Angela Cox from Derbyshire in the UK was told that she could lose the one hundred thousand pounds (around two hundred thousand dollars) compensation that she was awarded by the courts because her late husband’s employer took the case to the Court of Appeal.

However, Rolls Royce Industrial Power ( India ) Ltd (RRIP), lost the case when it was decided that Mrs Cox had every right to keep the compensation that she had been awarded, and the earlier decision was upheld. RRIP was the successor to one of the companies that Mr Cox worked for in the 1960s, International Combustion.

According to reports Mr Cox had worked for various other companies where he may have been exposed to asbestos, but International Combustion was the only one that could be identified. He died from asbestos related cancer in 2002.

The courts decided that although it could not be proven that working at International Combustion caused Mr Cox’s mesothelioma the company did not do enough to protect the employee.

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