A school in the UK had to be closed temporarily after asbestos was detected in the kitchen area. The routine inspection resulted in asbestos fibers being detected in the air at the school. The Marjorie McLure School was then closed on a temporary basis.

According to reports the special needs school will now be closed for the coming week, while experts are brought in to assess the situation and arrange a clean up. The asbestos was found in the kitchen area, which has caused concern among some people.

One asbestos campaigner stated: “I would be concerned that if one asbestos tile in the kitchen area could cause that sort of damage, one might ask why the tiles weren’t removed some time ago.” He also said: “If there’s asbestos in the kitchen there’s likely to be asbestos all around the school. It would be interesting to see if they have done air tests around the school – or if they have relied on a visual test.”

One official stated: “A routine inspection showed that there was some damage to an asbestos tile in the kitchen area and an air test was taken. That showed there were fibres in the air and that has prompted a cleaning of the environment. The school won’t reopen for the rest of the week while that is done. The cleansing is being done by a qualified contractor subject to HSE recommendations.”

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