Researchers from the UK have reported on a combination treatment that could prove to be an effective treatment for sufferers of pleural mesothelioma, which is a form of cancer that is contracted through long term or higher level exposure to airborne asbestos dust and fibers.

Following testing and research the researchers have reported that a combination of Alimta® (pemetrexed) and Paraplatin® (carboplatin) could prove to be an effective treatment to help control the effects of this form of cancer in patients.

A study was carried out where this combination treatment was used on forty nine patients in the UK who were suffering from pleural mesothelioma. The drug treatment helped to improve disease control in nearly seventy percent of the patients.

Researchers also described the treatment as having been tolerated well and without having treatment related mortality. The average survival time for treatment patients was fourteen months, and the results of the study have been published in the specialist journal ‘Lung Cancer’.

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