Property managers in the UK are being warned about asbestos by an insurance liability risk manager from the insurance giant Norwich Union. The manager, Phil Grace, said that asbestos is a risk that needs to be controlled more effectively, and is the biggest cause of work related deaths.

Grace has stated that property managers have a responsibility to detect the presence of asbestos and to take precautions and address asbestos related issues. The government has also embarked upon a recent campaign in the UK to increase awareness over asbestos dangers to tradesmen who are likely to be affected.

Grace went on to say that is property managers do detect asbestos then the risks need to be assessed. He added: “The common perception is that asbestos is a costly problem to solve, but the truth is that property owners can often manage the risk without the need to spend huge amounts of money.”

It is vital, said Grace, that any workers or contractors that may find themselves working with asbestos are warned of the presence of the potentially deadly substance, and that necessary precautions are taken.

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