From the length and breadth of the UK – and several other places besides – UK Podcasters prepare to assemble for November 18th’s PodcastCon, the UK eqivalent of the Podcast Expo, held this year in Shoreditch, London.

Sponsored by Cheeze Media, the adventurous and podcaster-friendly digital agency headed by Jamie Riddell (accent on the second syllable, please) the conference promises something for all types of podcaster, with an extensive programme, and live music sets from well-known “podsafe” artists.

Panelists include: US podcaster C.C. Chapman, Nicole Simon from Cruel To Be Kind, Tom Hall from Lonely Planet, Guillaume du Gardier from Edelman, Heather Gorringe from Wiggly Wigglers, Suw Charman from Open Rights Group, Chris Vallance from BBC,
Neil McIntosh from The Guardian, John Buckman from Magnatune, famed UK podcasters Martin Devaughan, Mark Hunter, John Buckley, and MCing the whole event is “Podcast” Paul Nicholls (UK Podcasters Association).

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