According to a recent report MPs in the UK have warned that many students and teachers in UK schools may be at risk because the government is burying its head over the risk of asbestos exposure in as many as thirteen thousand schools throughout the nation.

The School’s Secretary, Ed Balls, is now facing mounting pressure from officials to assess the risks to children and teachers, and to take action to try and prevent exposure to this deadly carcinogenic. Some campaigners are also calling for an awareness drive to make people more aware of the risks and dangers associated with asbestos exposure.

One consultant surgeon from the British Mesothelioma Interest Group said that thousands of schools were riddled with asbestos, and that the UK government needed to follow the United States in running an assessment of these schools. He said: “This is potentially putting our teachers and children at risk.”

At present government policy requires schools to manage their asbestos rather than to arrange removal of asbestos in these schools. Exposure to the substance can cause all sorts of problems, including a form of cancer known as mesothelioma

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