An MP from Norwich in England is getting together with a leading solicitor in order to hold open advice surgeries for people that have suffered from asbestos related illnesses and their families. Dr Ian Gibson, MP for Norwich North, has got together with David Cass from Irwin Mitchell solicitors in Sheffield to implement the advice service.

The MP wants the surgery to be held at some point in the coming months. He has recently been campaigning for victims of pleural plaques to be able to get compensation for their illness.

Gibson stated: “David and I agreed that we would set up a surgery meeting in Norwich , so that people who were exposed to asbestos and had pleural plaques or other asbestos-related illnesses or their families did, could get legal advice. We’re hoping to set it up within the next month. I will also have to talk to the Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians and the Transport and General Workers Union who will have their own lawyers, to see if we could either set up a separate meeting with them or use the same one with David.”

Mr Cass added: “My meeting with Ian Gibson was very interesting. We discussed many of the issues currently affecting sufferers from asbestos-related disease. Ian very kindly suggested that I might like to come and provide an open advice session for anybody affected by asbestos disease to come along and raise any questions they have.”

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