A woman from the UK who was suffering from the asbestos cancer, mesothelioma, has died just twenty four hours after a judge awarded her two hundred and forty thousand pounds. The forty nine year old from Wales died on Thursday just a day after she was awarded the compensation.
She is said to have been exposed to asbestos while she was at school in the 1970s, and decades later the inhalation of the potentially deadly substance resulted in her contracting the malignant cancer. The local council, Knowsley Council, was responsible for the building, and has expressed its sorrow.
The award was made to the woman because the judge said that the council “knew or ought to have known that any more than minimal exposure to asbestos dust was foreseeably hazardous.” This was the first ruling of its kind in the UK according to reports.
After the award her solicitor contacted her. She said: “She was a very courageous, bubbly woman who had to face a lot to find justice. I managed to contact her last night to tell her the good news, she was delighted. Obviously she was having problems speaking because breathing had become so hard for her.”

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