The death of an eighty three year old man from the UK has been blamed on exposure to asbestos, which is a deadly carcinogenic. The former industrial worker from York died in January as a result of severe chest problems. An inquest has now heard how his death was most likely down to exposure to asbestos.

The coroner has recorded a verdict of death by industrial disease, stating: “The picture is abundantly clear and there is only one verdict I can record – his death was from the industrial disease pulmonary fibrosis. Some 40 years obviously passed before Mr Shackleton became ill with his condition.”

He added: “But the unfortunate nature of asbestos-related diseases is that it can so often be many, many years after exposure to asbestos that any symptoms occur.” The man is thought to have been exposed to asbestos for four years during the course of his work.

In a statement prior to his death Mr Shackleton wrote: “I was constantly touching asbestos the whole time. There would be dust floating in the air and that would go into my hair. I was provided with a mask, but this did not stop the dust from getting into my mouth. The mask itself had dust in the inside and it was not effective.”

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