A man from the UK is trying to find former colleagues that he worked with some decades ago so that he can continue his fight for compensation after contracting asbestos related cancer. Sixty one year old John Mullen worked at Insulation and Partitions in Stoke, England, in 1964 where he was exposed to asbestos when cut and drilled asbestos sheets.

He is thought to have a strong case by his legal team, but difficulties have arisen because the firm no longer exists, which is why Mr Mullen is looking to find former workers to speak up for him. He said: “Nobody said anything about health and safety. We were not warned and there were other young lads – about 15 of them – who worked with me that will have the same condition as me. It got into my body and stayed there for 40 odd years and exploded a couple of years ago.”

One of his lawyers stated: “John is incredibly unfortunate when you consider that his employment at Insulation & Partitions Limited was relatively brief, but that’s the nature of asbestos – a single fibre can cause serious health problems, and the level of exposure he endured during those 18 months was pretty intense.”

She added: “The fact Insulation & Partitions no longer exists provides complications, but it may still be possible to process a claim if we can trace the company’s former liability insurers. That is so far proving difficult because there is no public record of who holds the relevant policy. So the more we know about the employer the better, not just in terms of the type of work John and others like him did, but also in terms of who ran the company and the suppliers it dealt with. I’m particularly keen to trace anyone who worked in accounts, because they might remember where and to whom insurance payments were made.”

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