A cash strapped hospital is trying to raise money in several ways. More than 700 ideas were generated by staff to find ways of increasing the money that they have or to find better ways of saving money. Among the more conventional methods it has resorted are plans to cut hundreds of jobs, about 70 beds and up to four operating theatres as it tackles its debt.But there is an unconvential way which have come out of the brain storming by the staff too.

Ipswich Hospital is proposing to use its state-of-the-art radiotherapy equipment, which lies dormant at weekends, to treat family pets with cancer in special Saturday morning clinics.The spokesperson on behalf of the hospital assured that everything will be covered in anti-allergy drapes and hygiene will be of the utmost importance. The radiotherapy room would be thoroughly deep cleaned after each session. However, that is hardly a consolation enough for the patients who consider it as a disaster waiting to happen.

Animal welfare is a valid casue, but cant we keep hospitals meant for us humans to ourselves and yet not be opposed to the idea of animal right to health and healing?Granted it is an innovative idea for raising fund, but a far too violative of our ideas about hygiene in clinical conditions.Allowing pets inside hospital premises for Pet – As – Therapy [PAT] techniques to cheer patients can not surely be the same as treating them in the same facilities.


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