It has been reported that the health service in the UK is now to recommend the Eli Lilly drug Alimta for the treatment of lung cancer. The drug was approved for use in cancer treatment a few years ago, but doe the cost implications was snubbed by the UK health service, much to the disgust of campaigners and cancer patients.

However, there may now be good news, as recent reports have suggested that the government has changed its mind about the use of this drug, and now states that it is a recommended treatment for lung cancer. The change of decision by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) spells good news for Lilly.

According to reports Alimta will now be recommended for the treatment of lung cancer when used alongside another drug known as Cisplatin. This will be used in the first line treatment of metastatic non small cell cancer and locally advanced cancer.

It is also thought that the UK agency will produced a guidance report in the UK in around September of this year outlining details of its recommendation of the use of this drug treatment.

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