Statistics have recently been released by the government in the UK, and the data has shown that the north of Britain has the highest levels of asbestos cancer, also known as mesothelioma. This is a form of cancer that is linked to exposure to asbestos dust and fibers.

The north of England is an area that is traditionally linked with industries such as coal mining and shipyards, and these are professions where people were more likely to be exposed to asbestos, and therefore more likely to develop health problems related to this exposure.

The figures were released by the Health and Safety Executive in the UK, and the figures showed that the death rate for males increased to nearly ninety deaths per million people between 2005 and 2007. On a national level 2156 people in Britain died from the disease in 2007.

The HSE report also indicates that the situation in the north of England is likely to get worse as time goes on, as the number of people contracting this cancer is not expected to peak until around 2016.

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