A farmer from the UK has refused to remove asbestos that was dumped on his land because of the costs that would be involved. Asbestos is a potentially deadly substances that can cause a range of serious health problems through exposure, such as respiratory problems, scarring of the lungs, and a form of asbestos related cancer known as malignant mesothelioma.

The Essex farmer has had a ton of the deadly substance abandoned on his land by tippers, but states that removal of the asbestos would cost him thousand of pounds. He has been told that he will have to hire a contractor to remove the asbestos, which will cost around three thousand pounds (around six thousand dollars) otherwise he could be prosecuted.

However, the farmer has stated that he wants the law to be changed and is refusing to pay for the asbestos to be removed. He said: “The best quote I have had so far is £3,000 to have it moved. But if I move it, who is to say that in two days time I get another load put here, it could cost me another £3,000. Will I have to pay for ever?”

Environmental officials stated: “We have sympathy with David Gibson and any landowner that finds themselves a victim of fly-tipping. Mr Gibson did the right thing in contacting the Environment Agency. The law states that it is the landowner’s responsibility to see to its safe disposal.”

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