(London, UK) British author, Rev. Martin Lloyd Williams has just published a moving book on disability titled: ‘Beauty and Brokenness’ Compassion and the Kingdom of God. The book has been published by the SPCK in the United Kingdom.

Martin Lloyd Williams is Rector atof St.Michael’s Church in Bath. Lloyd Williams explores the way people think about the relationship between creation and humanity. According to the book: ‘As we reflect on their respective beauty and brokenness, we are gently challenged to consider our understanding of compassion, to discern how to fulfil our vocation as Christians and to live truly compassionate lives.’

The author and his wife Jackie have a son who has Down’s syndrome. The book has fascinating insights into the world of disability seen through Christian eyes.

The book also shares stories from within the disability community in the UK including autism. This book is a wonderful read – it ought to be in the bestseller list.

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