Following a scandal where leisure complex staff members were exposed to asbestos without any protection, a former council member has asked that senior managers who were in charge at the time should be named. The exposure was at the Woodhouse Close Leisure Complex and staff members were allowed to work with deadly asbestos for five years without any protection.

The staff at the complex were allowed to work with asbestos without protection despite the fact that bosses at the complex had been given warnings about the presence of asbestos by inspectors. The Wear Valley District Council in charge of the complex pleaded guilty on six counts and was fines eighteen thousand pounds (around thirty six thousand dollars).

The former council member that wants the senior managers to be named stated: These people should be named – even if they are no longer employees of the council.” Officials have stated that there is no way of knowing the extent of exposure and how many were affected because no official action was taken.

Asbestos is a material that was once used in many applications and industries, but is now known to cause a range of health problems including a deadly form of cancer.

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