A company from Hillingdon in the UK has been fined thousands of dollars after a large metal container, known as a “skip”, filled with asbestos waste was discovered by environment officials. The waste transfer company had left the skip full of debris in an area that is only licensed to cater for empty skips, and during routine inspections it was discovered by environmental officials.

The company has now been fined £3442 (around $6900) by Uxbridge Magistrates Court. The skip had apparently been stored at the unlicensed area for over a month. A company official stated that the skip was destined for a landfill site, but due to bad weather conditions the site had been closed.

The skip was then returned until the landfill was reopened. However, in contrast to this information a letter sent from the company stated that the driver simply didn’t have time to take the skip to the landfill site. It was therefore returned still full of debris and then forgotten about.

One official stated: “This situation was unacceptable as who knows how long an open skip containing asbestos would have remained unsecured if we had not found it on our routine inspections. There was no paperwork of its existence and it had simply been forgotten. I hope the court’s punishment will make this company, and all businesses that deal with waste, take their responsibility to the environment and the public seriously.”

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