According to officials from a UK charity many tradesmen are not really aware of the extent of the risk posed by exposure to asbestos. A survey was carried out by the British Lung Foundation, and the results of the survey indicated that many tradesmen that may be exposed to this potentially deadly substance on a regular basis are not truly aware of its dangers.

There are a number of tradesmen that are at particular risk of asbestos exposure due to the nature of their work and the environment that they work in, and this includes plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and builders. However, according to the results of the poll less than one third of these workers are aware that this exposure can result in cancer, with just one tenth realising that the exposure could ultimately end in death.

One official from the charity stated: “It is a great worry that those most at risk from this cruel cancer know so little about a killer that could be lurking in the building that they’re working on today. We want mesothelioma to become a disease of the past, but until people put their health first, become asbestos aware, and protect themselves against asbestos that goal cannot be reached.”

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