Join the Save the Disability Living Allowance Campaign in the UK Parliament

(Westminster) The Coalition Government plans to scrap the Disability Living Allowance in next week’s Budget which will be introduced by Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne in the House of Commons in Parliament. The Government plans to save over £1 billion pounds in the budget by scrapping the disability living allowance by 2014/15.

The Coalition Government wants to introduce a new Personal Independence Payment and with it new medical tests and new assessments. Huge momentum is gathering against the plans to scrap the disability living allowance – a lifeline to the disabled including Britain’s Autism Community. Autism campaigners are urging David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister to save the disability living allowance. A range of UK charities have voiced their serious concerns in the national and local media, over the plans to scrap the DLA.

The UK Autism Foundation has appealed to Prime Minister David Cameron to keep the disability living allowance, stating that ‘if they scrap the DLA it could drive parents, carers and people with autism deeper into poverty.’

It is still not too late to join the Save the Disability Living Allowance Campaign:

*You can write to Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and DWP Secretary Iain Duncan Smith urging them to keep the DLA.

*Contact your member of parliament in the House of Commons about your concerns. Ask to meet your MP.

*Contact your local media about the Save the Disability Living Allowance Campaign. Share your stories.

*Join the massive campaign on twitter – just mention welfare reforms, disability living allowance, dla on Twitter.

* Use Facebook to send a clear message to the Coalition Government about the disability living allowance.

* Tweet about the welfare reforms and the disability living allowance on the United Nations World Autism Awareness Day 2011 Twitter Storm on Saturday 2nd April. Thousands of people are planning to tweet for autism to mark the international event.

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