Parliamentarians back the UKAF Keep The Promise Autism Awareness Campaign

(London, UK) Parliamentarians in the House of Commons have come out supporting autism campaigners who are calling on Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron to ‘keep the promise,’ that he will protect the vulnerable. MPs of all parties are currently backing early day motion 153 in Westminster, calling on the new Coalition Government to provide help and support for the vulnerable and the poor. The motion in the House of Commons was tabled by the influential MP Mike Hancock.

EDM 153 support the UK Autism Foundation’s ‘Keep The Promise Autism Awareness Campaign’ launched a few weeks ago in Britain. People are writing to David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Andrew Lansley and Michael Gove backing the the Keep The Promise Autism Awareness Campaign and urging the new Coalition Government to ‘Stand Up for Autism.’

EDM 153 tabled in the House of Commons calls for some serious issues to be addressed by the Coalition Government led by David Cameron and Nick Clegg:

‘That this House welcomes the launch of the UK Autism Foundation’s (UKAF) Keep the Promise Autism Awareness Campaign; backs the UKAF call for the Government to introduce an autism strategy for children and an autism strategy for the elderly as they are the missing pieces of the autism jigsaw in the United Kingdom; notes that UKAF has called on the Government to launch a new autism stakeholders group in order for genuine and real partnership working on autism to take place between small, medium and large autism charities and Ministers of the Government; further notes that the charity has called for permanent increases in the disability living allowance, the carer’s allowance, child benefit and tax credits as many carers are working over 70 hours a week and receive 72 pence an hour according to charities; calls for all avenues to be open through mainstream, special and specialist autism schools; further notes that the UKAF has requested the Government to launch state-funded autism schools and autism academies; pays tribute to the thousands of carers who are working 24 hours looking after children and adults with autism and Asperger’s syndrome; and urges the Government to provide more help and support for the vulnerable, especially poor families and people with autism and Asperger’s syndrome.’

EDM 153 is attracting a great dealing of attention in Westminster on the subject of autism. There are over 500,000 people with autism in the United Kingdom. People with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome still struggle to access public services.

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