(London, UK) Influential British parliamentarian, Lee Scott MP for Ilford North has initiated a major debate on special educational needs and autism on March 7th 2007. The debate is attacting huge attention in parliament in London and in the UK media. Lee Scott MP plans to put the spotlight firmly on Autism and he will urge Prime Minister Tony Blair and his government to do more for all people with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome and provide better public services in education, health, specialist speech therapy and respite care. He will also urge a re-think on the closure of special schools.

Lee Scott MP is supporting the call of the Autism Awareness Campaign UK for greater help and support for children with autism.

The autism debate is attracting huge support. Parents and carers in the United Kingdom have been telephoning their MPs urging them to attend this key debate in parliament. It will have all party support as autism is now a very serious educational and health issue. There are 535,000 people with autism and 90,000 children are autistic, the numbers are growing all the time while people struggle to access public services.

The debate will take place in the House of Commons in the Palace of Westminster in London on Wednesday 7th March at 1 pm GMT.

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