UFO and extra terrestrial enthusiasts may soon have a new reason to come to Roswell, New Mexico with a UFO-themed amusement park to compliment its many other UFO attractions. The park will have rides, exhibits, and space and science information. The city currently has UFO-themed buildings, a McDonald’s, and a Wal-Mart along with its famed International UFO Museum and Research Center which has welcomed 2.5 million viewers since 1992. Souvenir store owners around the area hope that the new park will boost business and to help give tourists more to do during the city’s annual UFO festival which is held each summer in the town with 50,000 inhabitants. The town gained its UFO fame in July 1947 when a UFO is said to have crashed on a ranch. The military claimed that the incident was merely a crash of a top-secret weather balloon, but conspiracy theories and public interest has been peaked ever since that year.

Right now, the name decided on for the park is “Alien Apex Resort” and hopes to open in 2010. The city has received $245,000 for initial planning, but the park will be privately built and managed, requiring hundreds of millions of dollars, especially in order to build a special indoor roller coaster inside the park. The coaster is being designed to simulate an alien abduction and will most likely be the park’s main resort among its planned 150 acres. The emergence of this attraction may once again get people talking about space and the unknown as well as what really went on in Roswell that night.

For more information, visit www.foxnews.com and www.abcnews.go.com.

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