You can watch the video on YouTube.  It is almost seven minutes long, but it doesn’t seem that long. 

There isn’t a lot to see, and not a lot to hear.  But, I do have some questions.

Why did the police show up in such force to arrest this UCLA student?  Why did the student fall on the ground and not get up when the police ordered him to stand up at least 27 times?  Why did the other students just stand around and watch?  Why did the student scream, “This is your F****** justice!”  Why did the student filming the thing not shove his way to the front of the crowd to film?  Don’t we live in a free country and isn’t just about anything that happens in public open to film and to recording of any type? 

I can’t say one way or the other if the police did the right thing or not, but if what is reported is true, I seriously doubt I’d have waited as long as the police did to taser the guy.

Fox News states that the officer repeatedly asked the guy for identification which the student refused to show.  The guy, when asked to leave the library, refused to do that.  It was 11PM for crying out loud.  It was late at night and the police have a long standing policy of checking ID in the library late at night to insure student safety.  In my book, if a person cannot be polite and show ID and leave when asked, then he’s opening the door to this type of treatment… no matter what religion or nationality he is.

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