Lucky the man who finds blissful satisfaction in the marriage that he has, the work he does and the place he lives: the author is one of those who seems to have achieved that happy trifecta of enviable good fortune. Better yet, that the place that he lives in is Greece, specifically the island of Rhodes, and even better for armchair travelers, that he has the ability to move easily between two different communities, a gift for observation, and a skill in accounting the foibles of that place, and the very human foibles of those various Greek and British expatriate residents whom he shares his little patch of paradise with – all that and a very engaging sense of humor, too.

This is the third installation of Ramblings from Rhodes – telling of how he and his Greek-English wife relocated from cold, rainy, dreary England, and retired to a modern, newly-built hillside villa – or at least, half of a hillside villa, which is what they term in Greece a free-standing small house with a garden, which stands a little apart from a village and its neighbors and is not actually a farmhouse. They took the dare of living on Rhodes full-time and more or less permanently, not just the odd holiday week of sun, sandy beaches and drinking retsina. Turning from visitor to resident is not without its’ perils – and the author is perfectly frank about everything from savagely barbed brush, to occasional wildfires, electrical outages, the vagaries of Green property rights, the clash of conflicting views about animals, local customs and completely Byzantine bureaucracies . . . all of those things which don’t usually appear in the tourist brochures. These things can sometimes be a horrible disillusion to those who dream of the wine-dark sea, and classical ruins baking under the summer sun. But for those who truly love Greece, with an open and a grateful heart, as well as with a robust sense of humor about certain aspects, this is an excellent introduction to Greece for those dreaming of making the leap from tourist to resident. It is also an evocation of what we who had once lived in Greece, still miss about the place. Tzatziki For You To Say is available on and in other online retail outlets. The author also has a website, Ramblings from Rhodes.

Sgt. Mom is a free-lance writer and member of the Independent Authors Guild who lives in San Antonio and blogs at The Daily Brief. Her Adelsverein Trilogy is also available through More about her books, including Daughter of Texas, due for release in April 2011 is at her website

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