Overnight my friend Bruce found a cafe with power and sent these pictures

I hope the workers made a ‘Run For The Border’ before Yutu came a calling.

Bruce owns an apartment some 10 miles from his house, this is what remains. It took an hour to get there, the roads were blocked by fallen trees and other debris.

This truck advertising custom paint work is going to need some custom paint work!

Saipan and Tinian are home to 50,000 permanent residents, Bruce estimate it will take months to repair. the electric grid. “there are hundreds of power poles down. Commonwealth Utilities  Corporation operate 5 power plants, 3 on Saipan, 1 on Tinian and 1 on Rona. Hopefully there all survived.

The folks on the Northern Mariana’s are a hardy bunch, sure you can destroy their property, but you cannot destroy their spirit.

How many people are homeless is unknown. I know that several countries in  the region are helping to offer help to those in need.  Also FEMA is or has sent tents to help the situation.

Yes, these pictures are sad, made even sadder by the fact that all of the emergency shelters are filled to capacity.

This is what a 180 mile per hour wind can do, snapped like a toothpick!

A cargo plane with much needed aid come into land. The airport was badly damaged and is only open during daylight hours. Commercial flights are very limited, 6 per day, as the priority is cargo and recovery workers.  The main industry is tourism, and right now there are some 1500 people tourists stuck in Saipan.

Lines are everywhere, this one is for non-potable water. And the limit is 50 gals.



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