tierra.jpgI have written a lot of articles in the past few years about missing children that ended up dead but I think this case has really gotten to me. It is so sad.

A 27 year old New Jersey man, Arthur Morgan III appeared in front of a judge yesterday facing charges of murder of his two year old daughter, Tierra Morgan-Glover. Any murder of a child is bad but when it is from the hand of one of that child’s own parent it is just harder to accept.

Apparently Morgan and his girlfriend had been fighting over their daughter, ending with both sides taking each other into court with the fights. Morgan had been fired from his job a week earlier, but still he made arrangements on November 21 with his girlfriend, Imani Benton to take the child to see a movie about dancing penguins. After a few hours he failed to return his daughter to her mother so Benton notified the police.

Morgan took his daughter and strapped her into her car seat. He then tossed the car seat while she was still in it, off a bridge into a running creek. Before throwing it into the water, he took a spare car jack and attached it to the back of the car seat to make sure the car seat didn’t float, using it as an anchor. He then walked away without a care in the world.

He went to a friend’s house and had a few drinks. He gave away his car and most of his things and then headed for the train station. Tierra’s body was found still in the car seat partially submerged into the cold water in Shark River Park, by some children playing nearby. The area where she was found was not too far from the train station. Her death has been ruled as “homicidal violence, including submersion in water.”

About a week later Morgan was caught in San Diego. He had made his way to California by train and bus and was only a few miles from the Mexican Border. He apparently had planned on never coming back.

morgan-yawning.jpgWhile in court yesterday he stood before Superior Court Judge Thomas Scully in his jail jumpsuit appearing to be relaxed. When the judge asked Morgan is he wanted the criminal complaint against him read in court, he answered, “No, that’s fine.” At one point during his appearance he was seen leaning forward and yawning as though he was bored.

The judge placed Morgan on a 10 million dollar bond even though his court appointed attorney tried to argue that amount down. Allison Tucker told the judge, “Despite how many times the prosecutor says he did these things, my client is due the presumption of innocence.”

Richard Incremona, Monmouth County’s deputy first assistant prosecutor, said, “Anyone that could do this to his own flesh and blood, a 2-year old baby, is clearly a danger to others. Morgan has not entered a plea yet to the charges which also includes custody violation and interstate flight to avoid apprehension.

Once again did the Child Protective Authorities fail a child? Well according to the Washington Post the New Jersey child protective authorities had investigated the parents of this child due to all the fighting between them and they failed to find that she was in any danger. Now there are two investigations into whether the state Division of Children and Family Services acted properly are under way.

New Jersey has abolished the death penalty in their state so is Morgan is found guilty on these charges he is facing life in prison without the possibility of parole. Personally I think they should strap him inside a seat and throw him in a river with an anchor to assure that he sinks. For the life of me I will never understand how anyone can do this to anyone else let alone their own child. Reports are that little Tierra was awake, alert and totally helpless. I can only imagine the fear that this poor precious baby had in her. She is now where she will never be in fear again. God is taking care of her now, bless her little heart.

Jan Barrett

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