luis-martinez.jpgHere we go again. Another innocent child is missing. Is this a kidnapping? Did this child wander off on his own somewhere and get lost? What has happened to this 2 year old little boy?

Luis Martinez was reported missing by his parents Friday afternoon around 3:30 pm. He was last seen playing at a neighbor’s home just south of State Road 60 and off Mulrennan Road. The last time he was seen he was wearing a red shirt.

Hundreds of volunteers showed up this morning to help search for little Luis along with the deputies and the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Department who is using dogs, horses and helicopters to aid in the search.

An Amber Alert was Issued

Date Missing: 11/27/2009
Missing From: Valrico County: HILLSBOROUGH
Birth Date: 2/17/2007 Age Disappeared: 2 yrs 9 months
Height: Unknown Race: White/Hispanic Hair: Black
Weight: 30 Sex: Male Eyes: Brown

Narrative: A Florida MISSING CHILD Alert has been issued for Luis Martinez, a white/Hispanic male, 2 years old, 30 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, last seen in the area of the 400 block of Silver Lane in Valrico, Florida wearing a red shirt.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of this child please contact the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office at 813-247-8200 or 911.


If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of
this endangered person, please contact the
Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office at 813-247-8200

Looking at this child’s picture melts my heart. It makes me want to just reach out to him and tell him it is all going to be OK. I can only imagine him being scared and missing his Mommy and Daddy. It brings tears to my eyes. Please help me pray for the return of this little innocent boy. I am sure his parents are worried sick about him and they want him to come home. My prayers are with them too.

The holidays are upon us now and it is supposed to be the time of joy. I ask those of you that are fortunate enough to have their children home with them to tell them that you love them. Don’t wait for them to tell you first. Give them a hug when you can, make them feel your love for them. You never know when you might wake one morning and they won’t be there for you to tell them. I still tell my 19 year old son that lives with us that I love him even when it isn’t so cool for Mom to be saying it. I do it because I do love him but after covering all these cases of missing and abused and murdered children I find myself telling him even more. We tend to take life for granted way too much. What can a simple “I love you!” hurt or just a plain hug.

As always I ask you to continue praying for the children on my list as well as all those that are missing from my list. Pray that God will look after these children. Pray he will see fit to return the ones that are still with us and that he will place his hand on the families of the ones that haven’t made it through this to give them some sort of peace knowing their precious child is with him now.

The list I have to pray for is as follows: Caylee Anthony (found dead), Adji Desir (remains missing), Haleigh Cummings (remains missing), Somer Thompson (found dead), Elizabeth Olten (found dead) , Masaraha Ross (remains missing), Alex Mercado (drowned) Rebecca Marie Allen (found alive), Sandra Cantu (found dead), Anthony Holland (found alive), Shaniya Davis (found dead), Hassani Campbell (remains missing), Giovanni Gonzalez (reported dead), Neveah Buchanen ( found dead) and Shannon Dedrick (found alive), Angel Miguel Perez (found safe) and now Luis Martinez (missing).

It breaks my heart to see this list getting longer. What will it take to help us protect these children more? If only I had the answer.

God Bless All of You!

Jan Barrett

As a favor to our readers I am posting these web sites:

Stop the abuse and murder of the children in the U.S.

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