The Carnival of Hurricane Relief has posted its 103rd edition this week, noting the two-year anniversary of the first of three big hurricanes to pound the Gulf Coast.

Beyond its usual collection of links to blog posts and news stories related to Gulf Coast hurricane recovery, there are two items of special note included with this edition.

First, Karen Gadbois of the blog Squandered Heritage is making an appeal for help in an effort to get a presidential debate staged in New Orleans.

Second, Mike Tassin, a Gulf Coast resident since 2000, has created a video documenting progress along US 90 on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

For more information on these two items of special note, and to see the other items in this week’s edition, click through to the homepage of the Carnival of Hurricane Relief.

Note for edgy Gulf Coast residents: the National Hurricane Service reports that there currently is no tropical storm activity in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Knock on wood.

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