After luring two homeless men into their homes and taking care of them for a few years, Helen Golay, 77, and Olga Rutterschmidt, 75, were arrested and charged with murder for financial gain. The men only needed food, water and a place to stay.

A Los Angeles judge today sentenced the two women to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The prosecutors didn’t go for the death penalty for the two women because of their age. Thinking that by the time the appeals process was completed they will probably be dead already anyway.

They carefully planned this for two years so they could collect on insurance of the two men. They were accused of running over Kenneth McDavid , 50, and Paul Vados, 73 and found guilty. Apparently these women gave this some careful thought as the prosecutor claims they were abusing the law that says insurers can not contest life insurance policies after two years.

Vados was the first victim. In 1999, he was found dead in a Hollywood alley and authorities said he died from the result of a hit and run accident. The women collected $600,000 in insurance claims from him. In 2005 McDavid’s body was found unfortunately with the same upper-body injuries as Vados was, causing authorities to become suspicious that something was going on. The women reportedly collected $2.8 Million before they were caught.

Golay’s attorney, Roger Diamond, filed a motion for a mistrial but was denied by Superior Court Judge David S. Wesley. Diamond alleged misconduct by Rutterschmidt’s attorney, Public Defender Michael Sklar. Sklar blamed the murders on Golay saying the evidence showed she was the mastermind and kept his client in the dark about what she had planned to do. Diamond also tried to point the blame at Rutterschmidt, having the twon women turning on each other blaming the other.

Jan Barrett

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