It has been reported that two companies from the Vermont area are facing substantial fines from the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States after being found to have violated asbestos regulations. The total amount that the companies may have to pay in fines comes to around thirty thousand dollars.

The asbestos violations referred to come after the companies were involved in the demolition of buildings in Essex Junction last year, and it is claimed that the companies failed to check for asbestos before carrying out the demolition work.

The two companies that have been accused by the EPA of illegally demolishing the buildings are JIDDU/SIDDU Trust of Colchester and CRC Excavating, LLC of Middlesex. The report claims that the companies did not check debris for asbestos and did not inform the EPA of its actions.

David Peterson, senior enforcement counsel for the EPA said: “If there was some asbestos, it could have affected the workers and the people down the street.”

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