This in from TJ Hart. I have long thought that the Haleigh Cummings case is akin to the mummies cruse, get involved and trouble starts. One only has to look at the family and acquaintances of Ronald Cummings and Misty Croslin to see the curse in action. The latest ruckus though involves the PCSO and the press. The PCSO for a while at least seemed to be coming a little more press tolerant, unfortunately  they made the mistake of having too many people going on record with different and conflicting statements.  Once the genie is out of the bottle you can not stuff it back in!  TJ Hart came under fire from  the PCSO for the publication of a letter from a prison inmate, Nay Nay Prevat. This was completely uncalled for, the three press orgs WSKY 97.3, Art, and BNN all sat on this letter for over 12 hours waiting for PCSO to comment – Simon

Two-time Emmy Award-winning journalist Art Harris wrote to WSKY Friday in support of a “Jail Letter” we reported in the case of missing 6-year-old Satsuma girl Haleigh Cummings.

97.3 properly investigated and vetted the Putnam County jail house letter from an inmate and party pal of Haleigh’s step mother, Misty Croslin Cummings, to her Palatka boyfriend.

The letter made reference to questioning the inmate received regarding a signed affidavit that said the young girl was with Misty and the inmate at a party, ate OxyContin, died, was placed in a black bag and tossed in a pond. The letter was dated 9/18/09—the same day a pond in the area was being drained in the search for the young girl.


Putnam County officials referred to the story as “irresponsible journalism” and a “farce” despite later saying, “Even if it was one of the theories we were working on, we’re not going to talk about it.”

Two-time, Emmy award-winning journalist Art Harris emailed this message Friday to 97.3 The SKY supporting our presentation of the facts as he also did on his website :

“Right on, TJ. It was highly newsworthy, not just as a letter from a Misty party friend who was with Misty  in the days and hours leading up to Haleigh gone poof, but even more so because it detailed investigators line of questioning of her—and a theory they were actively exploring over Misty’s possible role in what happened to the child.

I must have put in half dozen calls to Johnny greenwood and Maj. Gary Bowling, and when got no response all day, had to make a call. As you do, we both share utmost respect and admiration for the Haleigh task force and the daunting task of trying to break a case that may seem easy from the outside. We both understand the kind of witnesses they are dealing with, from interviewing rocks to juggling jello.

As you did, I sent the letter to the show, but also went directly to the person who gave it to Cobra to confirm its authenticity, and of course knew the players and had interviewed Nay Nay on tape here at

I decided to go with it as did you before the show because believed the public’s right to know investigators might have powerful theory that could lead to a break in the case outweighed any potential damage to the investigation, and the players involved had all been interviewed by pcsd.

Not only that, but others in the department, while stunned at first we had the letter, seemed upbeat that it might put more pressure on certain parties to kick a break into play.

But bottom line, when I was able to confirm that what nay nay said in the letter was accurate–that investigators had in fact interviewed her about this as she stated – that made it a bombshell worthy of breaking, where the public’s right to know outweighed any possible fallout to people who were already directly or tangentially related to the key players.

It was a good call for both of us to go with it and a gutsy call for Nancy’s show to break our reporting it on CNN. And I’m told it may have helped police in stirring the pot even more and keeping pressure on those they want to feel it.”


TJ Hart

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