Earth Hour - Saturday 31 March 2007, 7:30pm-8:30pm

By Honey Gillard    A candle-lit wedding; romantic and environmentally friendly.   

A candle-lit wedding; romantic and environmentally friendly.   Sydneysiders Jo Elvey and Eric Hutchens have not let their previous wedding plans stand in the way of them helping to save the world.   

The couple, who had planned to exchange vows on the 31st of March, didn’t plan on turning out the lights at their wedding reception, but now that Earth Hour has hit, that’s exactly what they plan on doing. 

They had booked the venue sometime ago now, but as soon as a friend told them about Earth Hour, they instantaneously considered how they could be part of the world-first global warming scheme to turn off Sydney’s lights for one hour on Saturday 31 March. 

“We decided to turn it into a positive,” said Ms Elvey, a development manager, “We believe that every little thing you do can make a difference.”

Jo and Eric had booked the landmark city hotel venue for their wedding, so that guests could be spellbound by the spectacle of the city’s lights, during the reception, but have decided to make the most of Earth Hour. 

Candles will light the wedding and the booked band will be performing ‘unplugged’. 

The lights of the couple’s reception room will be shut off during the entrée course; perhaps making it a green course, but lighting will resume during the main course. 

“It could be quite exciting when the lights in the city come back on,” stated Ms Elvey. 

All I can say is that if this couple can still participate in this great green cause on one of the most important nights of their lives, then why can’t the rest of Sydney? 

Earth Hour is set to switch on; or off for this matter; on Saturday the 31st of March between the hours of 7:30pm and 8:30pm. 

To participate in Earth Hour visit Earth Hour – Home and sign up. 

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