Identical twins in Missouri are in court fighting over which one is the father of a 3-year-old baby girl. It seems they both had sex with the mother of the child during the same 24-hour period and they don’t know for certain which one fathered the little girl. DNA tells us that both Raymon and Richard Miller have a 99.9 % chance of being the father.

This is a good example of why guys and girls should not have casual sex without using at least two methods of birth control. The article does not mention whether birth control failed or was just not used. Neither does it make clear if the mother of the child realized she was having sex with two different men. It is clear, however that there is no love involved in this case (other than the love of money), not even brotherly love. Neither brother loves the woman they had sex with and neither loves his brother enough to take responsibility for a child that is clearly either his or that of his brother. The hardest part of this story is the lack of love each man has for his own offspring. Raymon and Richard each have a 50-50 chance of being the girl’s father yet they are both willing to throw away what may be their own flesh and blood for the love of money. This is proof enough for me that neither of these men should ever procreate

Judge Copeland should rule that both men are the “father” for legal purposes and they should both share in the expense of child support. Furthermore, I believe both men should be ordered by the court to undergo vasectomies. They have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they are not capable of paternal love and any other future children should be protected from them. What a shame we have to waste the tax payer’s money with this case in the courts. It is a matter of adult responsibility and common decency.


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