[Back at the height of the Depression when a huge % of workers were begging for food and money with outstretched tin cups, Roosevelt had a rough time introducing supporting legislation (e.g. jobs through the WPA — Works Projects Administration, Social Security to support the elderly, etc., etc.) because the Republicans were fighting income taxes tooth and nail.  Finally the then right wing Court under pressure of enlargement yielded.  The Republicans have once again reverted to attacks on social support instrumentalities such as Social Security and universal medical insurance — even for children.  The Bush administration has sabotaged our progressive tax system, benefiting the super rich to the point where they pay at a lesser rate (equities) than people earning a living by working.  Until John Kennedy the top tax rate was 91% on the super rich.  He lowered it slightly.  Bush has cut it to virtually nothing.

The two items below are all too typical: lack of regulation has allowed lenders to rip off students at precisely the time in life when they are most vulnerable with loans and the expenses of starting families.

Children are dying because they cannot get medical care for such simple things as an abscessed tooth!

I for one want to see us regain our national self respect through public assistance to all those in need to be paid for by those who are making unlimited monies by controlling and manipulating our economic institutions without regulation — those CEOs who vote themselves annual incomes and perks in the hundreds of millions!  Until Bush is gone we will need 67 votes in the Senate to override his promised vetoes such as that he says he will direct against medical care for kids.  Ed Kent]



Senate Backs Crackdown on Student Loan Problems

… on misconduct among student loan firms, including a … on lenders giving loans to schools to get on … federal subsidies to student lenders, such as Sallie …
July 24, 2007 – By REUTERS (Reuters) – News



G.O.P. Leaders Fight Expansion of Children’s Health Insurance

Published: July 25, 2007

WASHINGTON, July 24 — Republican leaders of the House and Senate on Tuesday attacked proposals that call for a major expansion of the Children’s Health Insurance Program, to be financed with higher tobacco taxes.

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

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