Two brothers from Bristol County, Massachusetts have been indicted by a grand jury over asbestos related charges. Arthur Amaral and his brother, Shaun Amaral stand accused of breaching Clean Air Act regulations when removing asbestos from buildings in a manner that was deemed unsafe.

One of the brothers owns the company Northeast Demolition and Removal, whilst the other brother works as a foreman for the company. The brothers are said to have removed asbestos in Attleboro and North Attleboro, but failed to notify the necessary authorities.

The two also allegedly made other workers demolish parts of buildings where asbestos had not been removed, risking dangerous and even deadly contamination. The reports were made by the state attorney general’s office.

Both brothers are now reportedly facing five counts, and this includes failure to inform the necessary authorities, demolishing buildings where asbestos had not been removed, and failing to use safety procedures when removing asbestos.

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