Many of the 3 million Americans who are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes merely live with the problem. One boy, 13-year-old Kamaal Washington decided to educate others about his illness and show them that they are not powerless against the disease. Inspired by their interest for Japanese anime stories like Naruto, Washington, along with his 11-year-old brother Malcolm, created a comic book series to promote these messages.

Kamaal’s disease is personified as the villain Dr. Diabetes. The heroes, Omega Boy and Mighty Boy, are must fight this villain’s destructive ways. The books are already a huge success, winning awards, and bringing in about $135,000 in profits. About half of this amount has been donated to charities as well as 90,000 copies of the books. They are currently sold online, but are planning on hitting Walgreens and CVS stores in Kansas City, Kansas as well as comic book stores around the country. Their third and newest edition is set to come out for July and is politically themed, dealing with a politician who refuses to increase funds to find a cure for diabetes.

The boys’ talent runs in the family as their father is both an artist and a comic book enthusiast. His company, Omega 7, publishes the comics and sells them on the company’s website for $5.00. Meanwhile, the boys have won awards for their art and have spoken nationwide about diabetes. Kamaal himself has been a Children’s Congress delegate for the Juvenile Research Foundation as one of many diabetics testifying before the Senate about diabetes research support. The boys’ next goal is to create an animated series based on their comics and maybe even produce a movie.

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