Jack Nelson15 year old Jack Nelson and 15 year old Morgan Kallusky disappeared from their homes in Cave Creek, Arizona Sunday and now the families believe the two are heading for California.

According to the Phoenix Police Department there was a note left by each of the kids saying they were running away to get married, but their parents have asked the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for their help in locating the two kids.

MorganMorgan’s mother, Michelle LeMay claims that she has been told that the two teenagers were looking for an apartment in the area of Hope and Flower near downtown Los Angeles. She also said that Jack took his grandmother’s car which is a 2002 gold Acura with Arizona license plate #436FSV, even though neither of the kids have a driver’s license.

$1000.00 was taken from Jack’s sister’s piggy bank, reportedly by Jack and he apparently stole his own mother’s wedding ring. Both of the kids took their laptop computers with them and they both have cell phones yet both of them are more than likely turned off.

Jack stands about 5’4” tall and he weighs about 130 pounds. He has blond hair and blue eyes.

Morgan is about 5’8” tall and she weighs about 135 pounds. She has blonde hair and blue eyes too but it is suspected that she may have dyed her hair to a dark brown color. She no longer wears the braces on her teeth.

Anyone who has any information on the whereabouts of these two teenagers please call 1-800-843-5678 or you can contact the Phoenix Police Department at 602-262-6151 or simply dial 911 and report it if you have spotted them somewhere.

I do pray these two kids are found without any harm done to them. They have no idea how cruel this world is out there.

Jan Barrett

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